Railways on the Air


This celebration is not a contest. We organise this so that radio amateurs have a good time and promote Amateur Radio while helping to celebrate the unique position railways hold in our national heritage.

If you would like to take part by running a station, approach your nearest preserved railway, ask if they are celebrating the birth of passenger railways in this country and would they like to have an Amateur Radio Station as part of their event to promote awareness of their railway.

Tell them about the QSL card and how it could be of benefit to them, they may even provide a picture and help with the cost of printing.

Once you have their agreement, apply for a special license in the usual way with OFCOM. Please leave plenty of time for this application to be published.

PLEASE NOTE that all clubs/groups or individuals MUST have their own INSURANCE for the event. Neither B.A.R.A.C. or the preserver railway will take any responsibility for the running of your station.


When you have the details of the Station, please will you register on this website so we can keep everyone up to date with the latest news. We will liaise with RSGB to publicise the event and list your station.

Once the event is over and you have made more than 10 contacts, please email a copy of your log to the address on the Contact page and we will send you a copy of a special event certificate for you to present to your host railway and for your shack.

Registered Stations

Foxfield Light Railway

Furness Railway Trust

Furness Model Railway (In the park).

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